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Iron-along with calcium is one of the major dietary deficiencies in American women. Because of the blood lost during menstrual periods, in one month women lose almost twice as much iron as men.

To metabolize iron in your body, you need copper, cobalt, manganese, and vitamin C. In turn, iron is required to metabolize the family of B vitamins. It promotes resistance to infection, forestalls fatigue, helps in growth, and can bounce back good skin tone. Iron is essential for the manufacture of myoglobin, the red pigment in muscles. It is also a component of the oxygen-carrying protein hemoglobin.

Iron is crucial for your immune system in a number of ways. It enhances your overall resistance to infection, keeps your immune tissues healthy, and energizes your fighter white blood cells. Moreover, it vitalizes both white and red blood cells. Your white blood cells are the major immune-health guardians while your red blood cells carry essential oxygen to all of your body's tissues.

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Those at risk of Low Iron


RDA: 10 mg for men 18 mg for women

Optimal Level: 15 mg

Maximum: 25 mg

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