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Men have a much greater need for this mineral than women. Almost half of a male's supply of selenium is in his testicles and portions of the seminal ducts right next to the prostate gland. Consequently, men need more, particularly if they are very sexually active, since this mineral is discharged in semen. It must be replaced for optimal sexual functioning. Selenium helps keep youthful elasticity in the tissues. In women, it alleviates menopausal symptoms, particularly hot flashes. In tandem with vitamin E, selenium works to slow down aging and toughening of the tissues that occurs through the breakdown process known as oxidation. There is e vidence that selenium offers some protection against cancer. A lack of this trace mineral appears to slow down the immune system. It works in conjunction with vitamin E to give you more antibodies.

Other Benefits:

Signs of Deficiency: Not known for humans.


RDA: 2 mcg

Optimal Level: 150 mcg

Maximum: 300 mcg

Signs of Toxicity: