Mineral Bottle


Sulfur helps assure the oxygen supply necessary for optimum brain functioning. It helps fight off bacterial infections, makes your hair more shiny, tones up your skin, and makes for healthy nails. You need sulfur to build the protein, collagen, that helps hold your body's parts together. It also helps your liver with bile creation. Along with the B vitamins, sulfur works for basic body metabolism. Found in insulin, sulfur keeps your energy levels stable. It also works in heparin, a vital blood-thinning factor found in your liver and tissues. Sulfur also helps build the vital amino acids cysteine, cystine, taurine, and methionine.

Other Benefits: May help alleviate arthritis.

Good for These Symptoms:

Signs of Deficiency:


RDA: None

Optimal Level: From dietary sources

Signs of Toxicity: