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Vitamin B1 like all B vitamins-is water-soluble, so it is not stored in your body. You should try to include B vitamins in your diet every day. Any excess will be excreted. You should take the entire family of B vitamins together because they function together, helping each other perform more efficiently than if you took any one alone. You have to get the B's in the right balance and proportion to each other. That's why they are often taken as B-complex vitamins, so that they can work together.

Thiamine, or B1, helps your body get maximum benefit from carbohydrates, our major source of mental and physical energy. It is also vital for adequate muscle coordination and the good functioning of your peripheral nerves, like those found in your hands and feet. Thiamine has a mild diuretic effect, which will help rid your body of excess fluid. During periods of sickness, surgery, and stress, you need more B.

Good for These Symptoms:

Signs of Deficiency:


RDA: 1.4 mg for men - 1 mg for women

Optimal Level: 70 mg

Maximum: 100 mg