Vitamin Bottle


Vitamin D is fat-soluble, so you need not eat it every day. The ultraviolet rays of the sun interact with the oils on your skin to produce this micronutrient, which is then absorbed into your body. But once you get a suntan, this source of the vitamin is blocked.

It is important to have adequate levels of D to regulate your bones' supply of vital minerals calcium and phosphorus, essential for the healthy maintenance of your bones and teeth. It helps prevent osteoporosis. Vitamin D and calcium can significantly lower your risk of deadly colorectal cancer and keep your blood pressure even by maintaining constant levels of calcium in your blood.

Good for These Symptoms: Problems relating to bone growth and healing.

Signs of Deficiency:


RDA: 400 I.U.

Optimal Level: 200 I.U.

Maximum: 1,000 I.U.

Signs of Toxicity:

Drug Interactions: